Troubleshooting Bluetooth

My Intel NUCD54250WYK

In 2014 I bought an Intel NUC D5420 with 16GB of memory, an SSD of 256MB for program storage and a hard disk of 1TB for data storage. It was a very nifty little PC at the time, that served me well as a second PC, that I mainly used for image editing.

At regular intervals I updated the drivers and the BIOS, to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Windows 10.

Early 2019, after a Windows upgrade, I was no longer able to connect to my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

It took me hours and hours to find out why, but in the end it was related to an issue with the Intel 7260 Wifi/Bluetooth Card.

The remedy was ultimately, to remove the card and to cover pins 20 and 51 with Scotch tape, to isolate them from the connector.

Can you imagine that you need Scotch tape and a scalpel to fix a software upgrade? Weird!

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