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Or is it just my dyslexia, kicking in again ?

An article in the Guardian described Seafood lorries travelling to Westminster for a protest against Brexit red tape. They parked metres from Downing Street on Monday, but they stopped short of carrying out their threat last week to dump fresh fish close to No 10. Some pictures of lorries were included, of which one in particular caught my eye:

Immediately, I thought, but why would the fishing industry say that it is selfish ? Obviously, this wasn’t what the text of the lorry was all about. Reading it again, it was the following text that was on the lorry:

Obviously, this makes much more sense, and I then remembered a similar situation where my dyslexia kicked in. This was several years ago, when visiting the boat club during the weekend, where a big sign advertised:

Welcome to an evening of time wasting

Obviously that wasn’t what the sign said. It mentioned:

Welcome to an evening of wine tasting

Once I decided there was not much difference between the two, I carried on to the bar at the beach to have a beer with some friends.

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